A collection of personal projects and freelance work.


Joon Farms

Final label and alternate visual directions for a friend who owns an olive farm.



An illustration I did to practice working with shading and texture in Illustrator.


Prototyping methods

A series of illustrations for IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio.



Illustration inspired by the work of Ray Oranges.


Resist and persist

Custom lettering for a t-shirt.


Cocktail coasters

Letter pressed car themed coasters for a holiday party.



A texture exploration.


She & Him

Papercut illustration of one of my favorite bands.


Cocktail Generator

Illustrations for an interactive agency holiday card.


Wood block poster

School project where I laser cut a piece of wood and used it to print some posters.


Shadow box

Some posters I made for friends using vintage maps, an exacto knife, and a steady hand.


Tiny planet

Exploration in a 3d modeling program.


SF Giants MUNI shirt

Designed this shirt to commemorate the Giants 3 world series wins. The design is based off the MUNI tickets I would collect from taking the train to baseball games.